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We build investment products that benefit from the speed, programmability, and compliance advantages of blockchain tokenization.

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Our advantage

Learn how Superstate's tokenized funds work, and why they are trusted by investors, corporate treasuries, protocols, and intermediaries.

Daily liquidity
Daily liquidity

Purchase Superstate funds on-chain with USDC, or off-chain with U.S. Dollars. Ready to redeem? Transfer tokens to the burn address to receive payouts in either USDC or U.S. Dollars.

  • Purchase or redeem with USDC, or buy directly with U.S. Dollars

  • Receive payouts in USDC or US Dollars

  • Daily liquidity each Market Day

  • Initial minimum purchase of $100k, with no subsequent min or max

Built for DeFi
Built for DeFi

Superstate funds are designed from the ground-up by a DeFi-native team to work seamlessly with DeFi protocols in a compliant way.

  • Superstate funds are Ethereum ERC-20 tokens with additional functionality

  • Tokens may be transferred between Allowlist participants and used as collateral, in settlement transactions, or for on-chain finance

  • Minimize counterparty risk with a customizable Allowlist

Simplified income & accounting
Simplified income & accounting

Our funds are structured to be efficient and simplify your operations.

  • Tokens represent shares of the fund

  • Return accrues daily through appreciation of the NAV/share

  • There are no distributions, airdrops, or price-rebasing of the token

  • K-1 tax statements are provided to assist in tax compliance

Flexible ownership
Flexible ownership

We designed Superstate funds to easily integrate with your existing workflows and custody solutions, whether you manage a crypto native fund, a DAO, or a traditional fund.

  • Hold funds as ERC-20 tokens inside your existing custody solution, including self-custody or custodians like Anchorage and BitGo

  • Not ready for tokens? Hold Superstate funds in Book-Entry and mint tokens when you’re ready for on-chain finance

Clear regulatory structure
Clear regulatory structure

Our funds operate within a simple regulatory framework so you can focus on utility and yield.

  • Headquartered in the U.S. with a Bankruptcy-Remote Trust Structure

  • Assets are managed and segregated by established service providers

  • Available to investors in the U.S., British Virgin Islands, and Cayman Islands

Comprehensive investor portal
Comprehensive investor portal

Convenient access to statements, reports, balances, and account management through our easy-to-use portal.

  • Unified view of your Superstate fund portfolio

  • Download statements and reports

  • Track live and historical transactions

  • Manage your team, addresses, and settings

The Superstate Industry Council (SIC)

The Superstate Industry Council is a collective of top traditional and digital asset investment institutions committed to shaping Superstate’s product roadmap and advancing the adoption of tokenization within traditional financial services and capital markets.

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