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The Superstate Short Duration US Government Securities Fund (the “Fund”) offers Qualified Purchasers access to short-duration Treasury Bills. The Fund’s investment objective is to seek current income as is consistent with liquidity and stability of principal, targeting returns in line with the federal funds rate. Ownership in the Fund is represented by an ERC-20 token, USTB. Subscriptions and redemptions are facilitated through USD or USDC, with liquidity each market day. 3

For more information on the mechanics behind USTB see our Knowledge Base

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10,913,445.31 (99.22%)





85,490.73 (0.78%)

Fund Service Providers & Structure


UMB Bank, N.A.


Ernst & Young LLP

NAV Calculation Agent

NAV Consulting, Inc.

Investment Manager

Superstate Inc.


Federated Hermes, Inc.


United States


The Fund is a series of a Delaware Statutory Trust

Eligible Investors

Qualified Purchasers in supported jurisdictions


As of 05/17/2024

FHLB Discount 5/21/2024 21-May-2024 5.3575% $19,767,035.00 18.63%
U.S. Treasury Bill 05/21/2024 21-May-2024 5.3414% $3,124,531.00 2.95%
U.S. Treasury Bill 05/21/2024 21-May-2024 5.3901% $1,149,828.00 1.08%
U.S. Treasury Bill 05/23/2024 23-May-2024 5.4005% $6,017,351.00 5.67%
U.S. Treasury Bill 05/28/2024 28-May-2024 5.4049% $9,309,189.00 8.78%
U.S. Treasury Bill 05/30/2024 30-May-2024 5.4064% $1,053,470.00 0.99%
U.S. Treasury Bill 06/04/2024 04-Jun-2024 5.3850% $5,986,920.00 5.64%
U.S. Treasury Bill 06/06/2024 06-Jun-2024 5.4064% $3,461,429.00 3.26%
U.S. Treasury Bill 06/11/2024 11-Jun-2024 5.3978% $3,100,017.00 2.92%
U.S. Treasury Bill 06/13/2024 13-Jun-2024 5.4064% $3,363,188.00 3.17%
U.S. Treasury Bill 06/18/2024 18-Jun-2024 5.3799% $19,915,200.00 18.77%
U.S. Treasury Bill 06/18/2024 18-Jun-2024 5.4073% $4,978,800.00 4.69%
U.S. Treasury Bill, 06/20/2024 20-Jun-2024 5.4013% $4,151,110.00 3.91%
U.S. Treasury Bill 06/25/2024 25-Jun-2024 5.4073% $4,948,931.00 4.67%
U.S. Treasury Bill 06/27/2024 27-Jun-2024 5.4013% $7,756,632.00 7.31%
U.S. Treasury Bill 07/02/2024 02-Jul-2024 5.4021% $3,577,356.00 3.37%
U.S. Treasury Bill 07/05/2024 05-Jul-2024 5.3892% $1,986,540.00 1.87%
U.S. Treasury Bill 07/11/2024 11-Jul-2024 5.3832% $1,488,630.00 1.40%
U.S. Treasury Bill 07/16/2024 16-Jul-2024 5.4021% $9,341,531.00 8.81%
U.S. Treasury Bill 07/16/2024 16-Jul-2024 5.3897% $1,487,505.00 1.40%
U.S. Treasury Bill 07/18/2024 18-Jul-2024 5.4093% $1,982,800.00 1.87%
U.S. Treasury Bill 07/25/2024 25-Jul-2024 5.4145% $990,380.00 0.93%
U.S. Treasury Bill 07/30/2024 30-Jul-2024 5.3844% $989,650.00 0.93%
U.S. Treasury Bill 08/01/2024 01-Aug-2024 5.4093% $989,360.00 0.93%
U.S. Treasury Bill, 08/06/2024 06-Aug-2024 5.3791% $1,977,280.00 1.86%
U.S. Treasury Bill 08/13/2024 13-Aug-2024 5.4107% $987,630.00 0.93%
U.S. Treasury Bill 08/15/2024 15-Aug-2024 5.4018% $6,985,289.00 6.58%
U.S. Treasury Bill 08/15/2024 15-Aug-2024 5.4093% $2,468,300.00 2.33%
U.S. Treasury Bill 08/20/2024 20-Aug-2024 5.4212% $986,600.00 0.93%
U.S. Treasury Bill 08/27/2024 27-Aug-2024 5.4212% $985,590.00 0.93%
U.S. Treasury Bill 09/17/2024 17-Sep-2024 5.4160% $2,088,216.00 1.97%

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

The Superstate Short Duration US Government Securities Fund (“USTB”) will be limited to Investors that meet certain criteria. Investors will be required to provide certain personal and financial information before eligibility to participate in this offering is determined. The information gathered is to ensure compliance with applicable laws including anti-money laundering as well as “qualified purchaser” status, as defined under the Investment Company Act of 1940, and “accredited investor” status, as defined under the Securities Act of 1933. No investment should be made until offering and Fund related documents, which are available upon request, are thoroughly reviewed and understood.

1 7 Day Yield is reflective of the accrued net income from the Fund’s underlying holdings over the past seven days divided by the average outstanding shares for that same period, divided by the last calculated NAV of the Fund, and then annualized. This 7 Day Yield calculation is inclusive of fees and expenses, which are not accrued until the Fund reaches a $200 million Net Asset Value. The return of the Fund’s underlying holdings are variable and will vary.

2 Management Fee will not accrue until the Fund reaches a $200 million Net Asset Value; once reached, the management fee will accrue daily. This is not inclusive of all fees and expenses that may be incurred by investing in the Fund.

3 USTB purchases and redemptions are made in U.S. Dollars. USDC facilitation is done through Circle, a third party. Daily liquidity facilitated through USDC is subject to risks as outlined within USTB’s Offering Documents.

4 Portfolio holdings are shown as of the date indicated and are unaudited. Since market conditions fluctuate suddenly and frequently, the portfolio holdings may change and this list is not indicative of future portfolio composition. These portfolio holdings are not intended to be and do not constitute recommendations that others buy, sell, or hold any of the securities listed.

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